Jochem van Dieten <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> The moment the heap tuple is updated/deleted the visible-to-all 
> flag needs to be set to false again in all indexes. This is 
> critical,

Exactly.  This gets you out of the hint-bit semantics and into a ton
of interesting problems, such as race conditions.  (Process A determines
that tuple X is visible-to-all, and goes to update the index tuple.
Before it can reacquire lock on the index page, process B updates the
heap tuple and visits the index to clear the flag bit.  Once A obtains
lock it will set the flag bit.  Oops.)

Basically what you are buying into with such a thing is multiple copies
of critical state.  It may be only one bit rather than several words,
but updating it is no less painful than if it were a full copy of the
tuple's commit status.

                        regards, tom lane

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