> It's also entirely possible your indices are using inaccurate
> statistical information.  Have you ANALYZEd recently?

In this example the statistics don't matter. The plans used were the same for 
MSSQL and Postgres. I was trying to eliminate the difference in plans 
between the two, which obviously does make a difference, sometimes in 
MSSQL favour and sometimes the other way round. Both systems, having 
decided to do the same index scan, took noticably different times. The 
Postgres database was fully vacuumed and analysed anyway.

I agree about MSSQL recovery time. it sucks. This is why they are making a 
big point about the improved recovery time in "yukon". Although the recovery 
time is important, I see this as an exception, whereas at the moment I am 
interested in the everyday.


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