AFAIK, oids aren't used for anything internally, so duplicates don't
really matter. Besides, what would you do about duplicate oid's ?

The best suggestion is of course his last, don't use them.

On Mon, 2004-04-26 at 22:48, Christopher Kings-Lynne wrote:
> > I am using the oid of the table as the main key and I've found that is 
> > not indexed (maybe because I have declared another primary key in the 
> > table)
> > 
> > it is a good practice to create an index like this on the oid of a table?
> > CREATE INDEX idoid annuncio400 USING btree (oid);
> Yes it is - in fact you really should add a unique index, not just a 
> normal index, as you want to enforce uniqueness of the oid column.  It 
> is theoretically possible to end up with duplicate oids in wraparound 
> situations.
> Even better though is to not use oids at all, of course...
> Chris
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