I am curious if there are any real life production quad processor setups running postgresql out there. Since postgresql lacks a proper replication/cluster solution, we have to buy a bigger machine.

Right now we are running on a dual 2.4 Xeon, 3 GB Ram and U160 SCSI hardware-raid 10.

Has anyone experiences with quad Xeon or quad Opteron setups? I am looking at the appropriate boards from Tyan, which would be the only option for us to buy such a beast. The 30k+ setups from Dell etc. don't fit our budget.

I am thinking of the following:

Quad processor (xeon or opteron)
5 x SCSI 15K RPM for Raid 10 + spare drive
2 x IDE for system
ICP-Vortex battery backed U320 Hardware Raid
4-8 GB Ram

Would be nice to hear from you.


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