Title: Hardware Platform

I'm working on a project using PostgreSQL as our database designing a budget system.  We are still in the design and testing phases but I thought I would ask advice about a platform to host this system.

We aren't a large system, probably no more than 50-75 users at any one time.  From a data standpoint I can't guess at the number of gigabytes but suffice to say it is not going to be that large.  Our biggest table will probably hold about 1 million rows and is about 120 bytes (closer to about 100).

Dell and HP servers are being mentioned but we currently have no preference.

Any help you could provide will be appreciated.


P.S. I've only just begun using PostgreSQL after having used (and still using) DB2 on a mainframe for the past 14 years.  My experience with Unix/Linux is limited to some community college classes I've taken but we do have a couple of experienced Linux sysadmins on our team.  I tell you this because my "ignorance" will probably show more than once in my inquiries.

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