Since I haven't seen any other responds, I'll offer a bit of advice and let
others correct me. :)

Your shared buffers may be too big (?).  It is much larger than the guide
on varlena.com recommends.  All I can suggest is trying some experiments
with halving/doubling the numbers to see which way performance goes.  Also,
if you are counting on cache to improve performance, then the db has to be
loaded into cache the first time. So, are subsequent re-queries faster?

Thom Dyson
Director of Information Services
Sybex, Inc.

[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote on 05/18/2004 11:12:14 AM:

> Hello,
> (note best viewed in fixed-width font)
> I'm still trying to find where my performance bottle neck is...
> I have 4G ram, PG 7.3.4
> shared_buffers = 75000
> effective_cache_size = 75000

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