Christopher Browne wrote:

We have a couple of these at work; they're nice and fast, although the
process of compiling things, well, "makes me feel a little unclean."

Thanks very much for your detailed reply, Christopher. Would you mind elaborating on the "makes me feel a little unclean" statement? Also, I'm curious which models you are running and if you have any anecdotal comparisons for perfomance? I'm completely unfamiliar with AIX, so if there are dark corners that await me, I'd love to hear a little more so I can be prepared. I'm going out on a limb here and jumping to an unfamiliar architecture as well as OS, but the IO performance of these systems has convinced me that it's what I need to break out of my I/O limited x86 systems.

I suppose when I do get it, I'll just experiment with different sizes of shared memory and run some benchmarks. For the price of these things, they better be some good marks!

Thanks again

-Dan Harris

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