> Hello Josh,
> JB> Not that you can't improve the query, just that it might not fix
> JB> the problem.
> Yes, I'm aware it might be slower than the Linux version, but then, as
> you said, I still can improve the query (as I did with your help now).
> But true, if there's something awfully wrong with Win32 port
> performance, I might be doing some overwork...
> JB> Therefore ... your detailed feedback is appreciated, especially if you
> can
> JB> compare stuff to the same database running on a Linux, Unix, or BSD
> machine.
> I can't easily install Linux right now.. But I am considering using it
> through VMWare. Do you think it would suffice as a comprasion?
> From what I saw (e.g
> http://usuarios.lycos.es/hernandp/articles/vpcvs.html) the performance
> are bad only when it's coming to graphics, otherwise it looks pretty
> good.
> Regards,
>  Vitaly Belman

An interesting alternative that I've been using lately is colinux
(http://colinux.sf.net).  It lets you run linux in windows and compared to
vmware, I find it remarkably faster and when it is idle less resource
intensive.  I have vmware but if I'm only going to use a console based
program, colinux seems to outperform it.  

Note that it may simply be interactive processes that run better because it
has a simpler interface and does not try to emulate the display hardware.
(Therefore no X unless you use vmware)  It seems though that there is less
overhead and if that's the case, then everything should run faster.

Also note that getting it installed is a little more work than vmware.  If
you're running it on a workstation that you use for normal day-to-day tasks
though I think you'll like it because you can detach the terminal and let it
run in the background.  When I do that I often forget it is running because
it produces such a low load on the system.  If you are going to give it a
try, the one trick I used to get things going was to download the newest
beta of winpcap and then the networking came up easily.  Everything else was
a piece of cake.

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