I wanted to solicit some opinions on architecture and performance from you guys.

I am torn right now between these two systems to replace my aging DB server:

4 x 2.2 GHz Opteron
Ultra320 15kRPM RAID5 with 128MB cache


2-way 1.2GHz POWER4+ IBM pSeries 615
Ultra320 15kRPM RAID5 with 64MB cache

I plan on serving ~80GB of pgsql database on this machine. The current machine handles around 1.5 million queries per day.

I am having some trouble finding direct comparisons between the two architectures. The OS will most likely be Linux ( I'm hedging on AIX for now ). The pSeries has 8MB cache per CPU card ( 2 CPU on a card ) while the Opteron has 1MB for each processor. I know the POWER4+ is a very fast machine but I wonder if having more processors in the Opteron system would beat it for database serving? FWIW, they are very close in price.

Ignoring the fault-tolerance features of the pSeries, which one would you pick for performance?


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