> > >> Does PostgreSQL allow to create tables and indices of a single
> > >> database on multiple disk drives with a purpose of increase
> > >> performance as Oracle database does? If a symbolic reference is the
> > >> only method then the next question is: how can it be determined what
> > >> file is referred to what table and index?

Howdy!   I bet you're a bit taken aback by the discussion that ensued, and 
even more confused than before.

You are actually asking about two related features:

Tablespaces, which allows designating different directories/volumes for 
specific tables and indexes at creation time, and:

Partitioned Tables, which allows the division of large tables and/or indexes 
horizontally along pre-defined criteria.

The first, tablespaces, are under development and may make it for 7.5, or 
maybe not, but certainly in the version after that.

The second, partitioned tables, is NOT under development because this feature 
lacks both a programmer and a clear specification.   

-Josh Berkus
 Aglio Database Solutions
 San Francisco

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