On Sat, 5 Jun 2004, Steve Wampler wrote:

> [I want to use copy from JDBC]

I made a patch to the driver to support COPY as a PG extension.  The
patch required properly encoded and formatted copy data available
from an InputStream.  Following some feedback from others I began adding
the ability to handle different encodings and the ability to read and
write objects without requiring any knowledge of the copy data format.  I
got hung up on the object read/write part because of some issues with how
type conversions are done in the driver.

At the moment there is a big push being made by Oliver Jowett to get true 
V3 protocol support implemented which is currently my highest priority.  
Getting copy support into the JDBC driver is something I'd like to see for 
7.5, but I couldn't say if that will happen or how complete it may be.  
Depending on your needs perhaps the initial patch is sufficient.


Kris Jurka

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