Vivek Khera wrote:

> If you've got the time, could you try also doing the full bulk insert
> test with the checkpoint log files on another physical disk?  See if
> that's any faster.

We have been doing that for a few weeks, but the performance
improvements are less than what we expected.  There is hardly any disk
activity on the log RAID, even during checkpointing.

After I activated the tuned configuration, we are again mostly CPU-bound
(it seems that updating all four indices is quite expensive).  The
bulk INSERT process runs single-threaded right now, and if we switched
to multiple processes for that, we could reach some 1,500 INSERTs per
second, I believe.  This is more than sufficient for us; our real-time
data collector is tuned to emit about 150 records per second, on the
average.  (There is an on-disk queue to compensate temporary problems,
such as spikes in the data rate and database updates gone awry.)

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