Was there anything specific that helped you decide on a RAID-5 and not a RAID-10?
I have my DBs on RAID10, and would soon be moving them on FC drives, and i am 
considering RAID-10.

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        > I did a bunch of testing with different RAID levels on a 14 disk
        > array.  I finally settled on this:  RAID5 across 14 disks for the
        > data, the OS (including syslog directory) and WAL on a RAID1 pair on
        > the other channel of the same controller (I didn't want to spring for
        > dual RAID controllers).  The biggest bumps in performance came from
        > increasing the checkpoint_buffers since my DB is heavily written to,
        > and increasing sort_mem.
        With large RAID, have you found that having WAL on a seperate array actually
        boosts performance?   The empirical tests we've seen so far don't seem to
        support this.
        -Josh Berkus
         Aglio Database Solutions
         San Francisco
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