I've known about this tool for a while, but it seems many people do not know of its existence and I think it would be useful to a lot of people who have a hard time reading explain analyze output. (And even those who can read them without blinking.. when you get deep in join hell it gets tricky!)

Red Hat Visual Explain - part of Red Hat Database.

It is what the name implies - a graphical (java) program to draw a picture of your query plan (along with all the juicy information explain analyze provides). I just tried it out today and after upgrading my JDBC to 7.4 it worked fine (If you get a message about SET AUTOCOMMIT then you need to upgrade your jdbc jar)

Quite handy for getting a grasp on stupidly large query plans.


I used the CVS version, I have no idea how well the "official" releases work.
Anyone else using it?

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