Gary Cowell wrote:
The explain output on postgres shows the same
execution with a scan on vers and a sort but the query
time is 78.6 seconds.

The explain output from PostgreSQL is:
                                   QUERY PLAN
 Unique  (cost=117865.77..120574.48 rows=142
   ->  Sort  (cost=117865.77..119220.13 rows=541741
         Sort Key: "version"
         ->  Seq Scan on vers  (cost=0.00..21367.41
rows=541741 width=132)
               Filter: ("version" IS NOT NULL)

I do have an index on the column in question but
neither oracle nor postgresql choose to use it (which
given that we're visiting all rows is perhaps not

Can you post explain analyze for the same query? It contains actual numbers alond side the chosen plan.

I'm not as familiar with postgresql as I am with Oracle but I think I've configured comparible buffering and sort area sizes, certainly there isn't much physical IO going on in either case.

Well, for postgresql you should check out



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