Ok....so here lies the output of oclh (i.e "\d oclh")  

                    Table "public.oclh"
 Column |         Type          |           Modifiers           
 symbol | character varying(10) | not null default ''
 date   | date                  | not null default '0001-01-01'
 open   | numeric(12,2)         | not null default '0.00'
 close  | numeric(12,2)         | not null default '0.00'
 low    | numeric(12,2)         | not null default '0.00'
 high   | numeric(12,2)         | not null default '0.00'
Indexes: symbol_2_oclh_index btree (symbol, date),
         symbol_oclh_index btree (symbol, date)

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Bill wrote:
> Actually, I have some queries that are slow, however I was wondering if
> could help me write a query that is rather simple, but I, as a true
> novice, can't seem to conjure.  So we have stocks, as I have previously
> said, and I have a huge table which contains all of the opening and
> prices of some stocks from each day. 

Schemas, Bill - show us your table definitions so people can see exactly 
where they stand.

   Richard Huxton
   Archonet Ltd

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