Tom Lane wrote:
Actually, the simpler theory is that the slowdown is caused by
background checkpoint operations.  Now a checkpoint would slow
*everything* down not only this one insert, so maybe that's not
the right answer either, but it's my next idea.  You could check
this to some extent by manually issuing a CHECKPOINT command and
seeing if you get an insert hiccup.  Note though that closely
spaced checkpoints will have less effect, because less I/O will
be triggered when not much has changed since the last one.  So
you'd want to wait a bit between experiments.

Aha! This is really the case. I've let the test run and issued manual CHECKPOINT command. The command itself took about 3 secs and during that time I had some slow INSERTS. So we know the reason.

I've read the discussion in "Trying to minimize the impact of checkpoints" thread and I get it, that there is nothing I can do about it. Well, we'll have to live with that, at least until 7.5.

Thanks of the help all the same.

Michal Taborsky

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