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> Answered my own question.  I gave up the vacuum full after 150 mins.  I was
> able to export to a file, vacuum full the empty table, and reimport in less
> than 10 mins.  I suspect the empty item pointers and the sheer number of
> removable rows was causing an issue.

In that case, you'd be a little further better off if the steps were:
 - drop indices;
 - copy table to file (perhaps via pg_dump -t my_table);
 - truncate the table, or drop-and-recreate, both of which make
   it unnecessary to do _any_ vacuum of the result;
 - recreate indices, probably with SORT_MEM set high, to minimize
   paging to disk
 - analyze the table (no need to vacuum if you haven't created any
   dead tuples)
 - cut SORT_MEM back down to "normal" sizes
output = reverse("gro.gultn" "@" "enworbbc")
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