With pg_autovaccum it's now at 95M swap; averaging 5MB / day increase with same load.  
Cache slightly increases or decreases according to top.

 --- On Tue 07/13, Matthew T. O'Connor < [EMAIL PROTECTED] > wrote:
From: Matthew T. O'Connor [mailto: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2004 16:26:09 -0400
Subject: Re: [PERFORM] Swapping in 7.4.3

Jim Ewert wrote:<br>> When I went to 7.4.3 (Slackware 9.1) w/ JDBC, the improvements 
are that it doesn't initially take much memory (have 512M) and didn't swap. I ran a 
full vaccum and a cluster before installation, however speed degaded to 1 *second* / 
update of one row in 150 rows of data, within a day! pg_autovacuum now gives excellent 
performance however it is taking 66M of swap; only 270k cached.<br>> <br><br>Are you 
saying that your system stays fast now that you are using <br>pg_autovacuum, but 
pg_autovacuum is using 66M of memory?  Please <br>clarify, I'm not sure what question 
you want an answered.<br><br>Matthew<br><br>

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