Whole config is available here: http://ludojad.itpp.pl/~eleven/pg-high-load.conf

effective_cache_size = 4000 # typically 8KB each #random_page_cost = 4 # units are one sequential page fetch cost #cpu_tuple_cost = 0.01 # (same) #cpu_index_tuple_cost = 0.001 # (same) #cpu_operator_cost = 0.0025 # (same)

These values are too higher for your hardware, try to execute the explain analyze for the queries that are running on your box and repeat it lowering these values, I bet postgres is running seq scan instead of an index scan.

These are the value that I use for a configuration closer to your:

effective_cache_size = 20000 random_page_cost = 2.0 cpu_tuple_cost = 0.005 cpu_index_tuple_cost = 0.0005 cpu_operator_cost = 0.0025

last question, do you use the autovacuum daemon ? If no => you have to use it If yes => did you apply the patch that will not fail with big tables like yours ?

if you can post the autovacuum daemon log ( last lines ).

Gaetano Mendola

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