Gaetano Mendola wrote:
Well I think pg_autovacuum as is in 7.4 can not help me for this particular

The table have 4.8 milions rows and I have for that table almost 10252 new
entries for day.

I'm using pg_autovacuum with -a 200 -A 0.8 this means a threashold for
that table equal to:  3849008 and if I understod well the way pg_autovacuum
works this means have an analyze each 375 days, and I need an analyze for
each day, at least.

So I think is better for me put an analyze for that table in the cron.

Am I wrong ?

No, I think you are right. You could do something like -a 1000 -A .00185, but that will probably for an analyze too often for most of your other tables.

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