I have the following query that I have to quit after 10 mins.  I have vacuum full 
analyzed each of the tables and still nothing seems to help.  There are indexes on all 
the join fields.  I've included the query, explain and the table structures.  Please 
let me know if there is anything else I should provide.

SELECT m.r_score,m.f_score,m.m_score,m.rfm_score,ed.email_id, '00'::varchar as 
  COUNT(e.email_adr) AS count
 FROM cdm.cdm_indiv_mast m 
 INNER JOIN cdm.cdm_email_data e on e.indiv_fkey = m.indiv_key
 INNER JOIN cdm.email_sent es on es.email_address = e.email_adr
 inner join cdm.email_description ed on ed.email_id = es.email_id
 where (ed.event_date::date between '2003-10-07' and '2003-12-31')
  and  m.m_score >0
 GROUP BY 1,2,3,4,5,6

HashAggregate  (cost=551716.04..551724.14 rows=3241 width=58)
  ->  Hash Join  (cost=417315.57..546391.36 rows=304267 width=58)
        Hash Cond: (("outer".email_address)::text = ("inner".email_adr)::text)
        ->  Nested Loop  (cost=0.00..85076.89 rows=1309498 width=42)
              ->  Seq Scan on email_description ed  (cost=0.00..20.72 rows=3 width=19)
                    Filter: (((event_date)::date >= '2003-10-07'::date) AND 
((event_date)::date <= '2003-12-31'::date))
              ->  Index Scan using emailsnt_id_idx on email_sent es  
(cost=0.00..20964.10 rows=591036 width=42)
                    Index Cond: (("outer".email_id)::text = (es.email_id)::text)
        ->  Hash  (cost=404914.28..404914.28 rows=1202517 width=39)
              ->  Hash Join  (cost=144451.53..404914.28 rows=1202517 width=39)
                    Hash Cond: ("outer".indiv_fkey = "inner".indiv_key)
                    ->  Seq Scan on cdm_email_data e  (cost=0.00..93002.83 
rows=5175383 width=31)
                    ->  Hash  (cost=134399.24..134399.24 rows=1202517 width=24)
                          ->  Index Scan using m_score_idx on cdm_indiv_mast m  
(cost=0.00..134399.24 rows=1202517 width=24)
                                Index Cond: (m_score > 0)

CREATE TABLE cdm.cdm_email_data
  email_adr varchar(75) NOT NULL,
  opt_out char(1) DEFAULT 'n'::bpchar,
  indiv_fkey int8 NOT NULL,
  CONSTRAINT email_datuniq UNIQUE (email_adr, indiv_fkey)
CREATE INDEX emaildat_email_idx  ON cdm.cdm_email_data  USING btree  (email_adr);

CREATE TABLE cdm.cdm_indiv_mast
  name_first varchar(20),
  name_middle varchar(20),
  name_last varchar(30),
  name_suffix varchar(5),
  addr1 varchar(40),
  addr2 varchar(40),
  addr3 varchar(40),
  city varchar(25),
  state varchar(7),
  r_score int4,
  f_score int4,
  m_score int4,
  rfm_score int4,
  rfm_segment int4,
  CONSTRAINT indiv_mast_pk PRIMARY KEY (indiv_key)
CREATE INDEX f_score_idx ON cdm.cdm_indiv_mast  USING btree  (f_score);
CREATE INDEX m_score_idx ON cdm.cdm_indiv_mast  USING btree  (m_score);
CREATE INDEX r_score_idx ON cdm.cdm_indiv_mast USING btree  (r_score);

CREATE TABLE cdm.email_description
  email_id varchar(20) NOT NULL,
  event_date timestamp,
  affiliate varchar(75),
  event_name varchar(100),
  mailing varchar(255),
  category varchar(100),
  div_code varchar(30),
  mkt_category varchar(50),
  merch_code varchar(50),
  campaign_code varchar(50),
  offer_code varchar(30),
  CONSTRAINT email_desc_pk PRIMARY KEY (email_id)
CREATE INDEX email_desc_id_idx ON cdm.email_description  USING btree  (email_id);
CREATE INDEX eml_desc_date_idx  ON cdm.email_description  USING btree  (event_date);

CREATE TABLE cdm.email_sent
  email_address varchar(75),
  email_id varchar(20),
  email_sent_ts timestamp,
  email_type char(1)
CREATE INDEX emailsnt_id_idx ON cdm.email_sent  USING btree  (email_id);
CREATE INDEX email_sent_emailidx ON cdm.email_sent  USING btree  (email_address);

-Patrick Hatcher

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