Hi Merlin,

> The 9206 ms time is what the database actually spent 
> gathering the data and sending it to you.  This is non-negotiable unless you bump up
> hardware, etc, or fetch less data.  This time usually scales linearly
> (or close to it) with the size of the dataset you fetch.
> The 40638 ms time is pgAdmin putting the data in the grid.  This time
So it take PostgreSQL 9206 ms to get the data AND send it to the client. It than takes 
PGAdmin 40638 ms to display the data?

> solution).  In the meantime, I would suggest using queries to refine
> your terms a little bit...(do you really need to view all 80k 
> records at once?).
The application is build in Clarion, a 4 GL environment. We do not have any influence 
over the query it generates and executes.


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