Paul Langard wrote:

Having trouble with one table (see time to count records below!).

Fairly new to postgres so any help much appreciated.

It only contains 9,106 records - as you can see from:

select count(id) from project

1 row(s)
Total runtime: 45,778.813 ms


... the database is regularly vaccuumed.

Have you tried doing a VACUUM FULL, CLUSTER, or drop/restore on the table? This sounds symptomatic of a table with a bunch of dead tuples not in the FSM (free space map). Only tuples in the FSM are reclaimed by a regular VACUUM. If your FSM parameters in postgresql.conf are not big enough for your ratio of UPDATE/DELETE operations to VACUUM frequency, you will end up with dead tuples that will only be reclaimed by a VACUUM FULL.

To prevent this problem in the future, look at increasing your FSM size and possibly vacuuming more frequently or using pg_autovacuum.

Good Luck,

Bill Montgomery

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