> Does the order of columns of varying size have any effect on
> SELECT/INSERT/UPDATE/and/or/DELETE performance? Take the example where
> an integer primary key is listed first in the table and alternatively
> listed after some large varchar or text columns?

No, the "order" of the columns in the table makes no difference.  They are not 
physically stored in the metadata order, anyway; on the data pages, 
fixed-length fields (e.g. INT, BOOLEAN, etc.) are stored first and 
variable-length fields (CHAR, TEXT, NUMERIC) after them, AFAIK.

The only thing I have seen elusive reports of is that *display* speed can be 
afffected by column order (e.g. when you call the query to the command line 
with many rows) but I've not seen this proven in a test case.

Josh Berkus
Aglio Database Solutions
San Francisco

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