Please be a bit patient.. I'm quite new to PostgreSQL. 

I'd like some advise on storing binary data in the database. 

Currently I have about 300.000 320.000 Bytes "Bytea" records in the
database. It works quite well but I have a feeling that it actually is
slowing the database down on queries only related to the surrounding

The "common" solution, I guess would be to store them in the filesystem
instead, but I like to have them just in the database it is nice clean
database and application design and if I can get PostgreSQL to "not
cache" them then it should be excactly as fast i assume. 

The binary data is not a part of most queries in the database only a few
explicitly written to fetch them and they are not accessed very often. 

What do people normally do? 

Thanks, Jesper

./Jesper Krogh, [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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