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This is not strictly PostgreSQL performance hint, but may be
helpful to someone with problems like mine.

As I earlier posted, I was experiencing very high load average
on one of my Linux database servers (IBM eServer 345, SCSI disks on LSI Logic controller) caused by I/O bottleneck.

We have some 335's (I think they are 335s) and until April or so there was a bug in the Fusion MPT driver that would cause it to revert to async narrow mode if hardware RAID was enabled on it. (Performance was horrible - NFS on a 100meg network was 10x faster than local disk!) And on the upside, when I originally researched the problem they hadn't found the bug yet so there were no others around having issues like mine so trying to figure it out was quite difficult.

I may see if using that acpi=ht makes any difference as well.


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