Richard Huxton wrote:

Gaetano Mendola wrote:

Hi all,
I'm tring to optimize the following query:

as you can see from the explain after defining the
index the performance is worst.

If I raise the default_statistic_target to 200
then the performance are worst then before:

Without index: 1.140 ms With index: 1.400 ms With default_statistic_targer = 200: 1.800 ms

Can I just check that 1.800ms means 1.8 secs (You're using . as the thousands separator)?

If it means 1.8ms then frankly the times are too short to mean anything without running them 100 times and averaging.

It mean 1.8 ms and that execution time is sticky to that value even
with 1000 times.

Regards Gaetano Mendola

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