Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Updated TODO item:
>         o Automatically maintain clustering on a table
>         This would require some background daemon to maintain clustering
>         during periods of low usage. It might also require tables to be only
>         paritally filled for easier reorganization.  It also might require
>         creating a merged heap/index data file so an index lookup would
>         automatically access the heap data too.

Fwiw, I would say the first "would" is also a "might". None of the previous
discussions here presumed a maintenance daemon. The discussions before talked
about a mechanism to try to place new tuples as close as possible to the
proper index position.

I would also suggest making some distinction between a cluster system similar
to what we have now but improved to maintain the clustering continuously, and
an actual index-organized-table where the tuples are actually only stored in a
btree structure.

They're two different approaches to similar problems. But they might both be
useful to have, and have markedly different implementation details.


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