> thanks for the quick answer! My db driver is the native MS ADO, and
> Delphi i use the AODExpress components which are wrapper classes to
> the ActiveX components from delhpi. The strange behaviour of that
> is,
> that all other queries executed in this environment are running fast,
> except
> this one. First there was any index on that table (appr. 40.000
> and i thought that maybe this is my problem. Then i made this index,
> this hasn't solved my problem.
> Now i think that maybe the odbc driver makes something with my query?
> this happen?

Possible.  I would turn on statement logging on the server and make sure
the query is the way you wrote it in the app.  The driver might be doing
something like pulling all the data and attempting a client side filter.
Otherwise you may be looking at a casting problem of some sort.

To turn on logging, set statement log to 'all' in your postgresql.conf
file.  You may need to start the server manually so you can determine
where the log goes (logging to terminal is often the easiest to work

If you are writing Delphi applications, you really should check out
Zeos.  It utilizes native drivers to connect to the database...it's
really, really fast and supports all the Delphi controls (and free!).


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