Ron St-Pierre <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>  Does anyone have some idea on how we can increase speed, either by 
> changing the updates, designing the database
>  differently, etc, etc? This is currently a big problem for us.
>  Other notables:
>    The UPDATE is run from a within a function: FOR rec IN SELECT ...LOOP 
> RETURN NEXT rec; UPDATE dataTable.....

One point that I don't think was made before: by doing a collection of
updates in this serial one-at-a-time fashion, you are precluding any
possibility of query optimization over the collection of updates.  It
might win to dump the update data into a temp table and do a single
UPDATE command joining to the temp table.  Or not --- quite possibly not
--- but I think it's something to think about.

                        regards, tom lane

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