On Wednesday 01 Sep 2004 3:36 pm, G u i d o B a r o s i o wrote:
> Dear all,
>   I am currently experiencing troubles with the performance of my
> critical's database.
>   The problem is the time that the postgres takes to perform/return a
> query. For example, trying the \d <tablename> command takes between 4 or 5
> seconds. This table is very big, but I am not asking for the rows, only
> asking the table schema, so...why is this so slow?!?!? My last
> administrative action into this table was a reindex to all the indexes via
> the BKI in standalone mode. I thought I suceed, but this was las saturday.
> Today I am in the same situation again.

Is this database vacuumed and analyzed recently? I would suggest database-wide 
vacuum full analyze.

If your queries are getting slower, then checking the explain analyze output 
is a good starting point. To see queries issued by psql, start it as psql -E.



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