Thanks for the reply,

  Been reading hackers of Aug 2004 and found the threads. It's a common habit to 
create two lines on the configuration files, in order to maintain the copy of the 
default conf file. I guess this should be the worst scenery for a freshly incoming DBA 
trying to put things in order. 

  A temporary patch, will be updating documentation, encouraging administrators to use 
the SHOW ALL; command in the psql env, to confirm that changes where made.

  In my case, a 1.2 gig file was written, performance was on the floor. And my 
previous situation, a reindex force task last saturday, confused me. This is not a 
trivial problem, but in conjunction with other small problems could become a big one.

  Good habits when touching conf files & using the SHOW ALL to confirm that changes 
where made will help until this is patched. 

  Thanks for Postgres, 

Regards, Guido.

> This issue was resently discussed on hackers. It is a known issue, not very
> convinient for the user. Nevertheless it is not fixed in 8.0, but will
> perhaps be addressed in the next major release.
> (Remembering, it was a non-trivial thing to change.)
> Best Regards,
> Michael Paesold
> G u i d o B a r o s i o wrote:
> > The solution appeared as something I didn't know
> >
> >   On the .conf file
> >
> > Previous situation:
> >
> > #log_something=false
> > log_something=true
> >
> > Worst situation
> > #log_something=false
> > #log_something=true
> >
> > Nice situation
> > log_something=false
> > #log_something=true
> >
> >
> > Ok, the problem was that I assumed that commenting a value on
> > the conf file will set it up to a default (false?). I was wrong.
> > My server was writting tons of log's.
> >
> > Is this the normal behavior for pg_ctl reload? It seems that looks for new
> values, remembering the last state on the ones that actually are commented.
> Although it's my fault to have 2 (tow) lines for the same issue, and that I
> should realize that this is MY MISTAKE, the log defaults on a reload, if
> commented, tend to be the last value entered?

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