>             I am sorry that my question is out of line with this
> group(performance) but I need
> an urgent help :-( .pls .. I need to know how  to change the length of the
> column.

In the future, try to provide more detail on your problem.    Fortunately, I 
think I know what it is.

PostgreSQL does not support changing the length of VARCHAR columns in-place 
until version 8.0 (currently in beta).   Instead, you need to:

1) Add a new column of the correct length;
2) Copy the data in the old column to the new column;
3) Drop the old column;
4) Rename the new column to the same name as the old column.

I realize that this approach can be quite painful if you have dependant views, 
contstraints, etc.    It's why we fixed it for 8.0.  You can also:

1) pg_dump the database in text format;
2) edit the table definition in the pg_dump file;
3) re-load the database

While it *is* possible to change the column size by updating the system 
tables, doing so is NOT recommended as it can cause unexpected database 

Josh Berkus
Aglio Database Solutions
San Francisco

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