Pierre-Frédéric Caillaud wrote:

    22 KB files, 1000 of them :
    open(), read(), close() : 10.000 files/s
    open(), write(), close() : 4.000 files/s

This is quite far from database FS activity, but it's still amazing, although the disk doesn't even get used. Which is what I like in Linux. You can write 10000 files in one second and the HDD is still idle... then when it decides to flush it all goes to disk in one burst.

You can not trust your data in this.

I've had my computers shutdown violently by power failures and no reiserfs problems so far. NTFS is very crash proof too. My windows machine bluescreens twice a day and still no data loss ;)

If you have the BSOD twice a day then you have a broken driver or broken HW. CPU overclocked ?

I understood from your email that you are a Windows haters, try to post something here:



Regards Gaetano Mendola

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