I have been experimenting with the 'IPC::Shareable' module under the native implementation of Perl 5 for OpenBSD 3.5. While it is not loaded by default it is a pure pure implementation.

I have tested this module under two machines, one which used to run PostgreSQL and has a higher then normal amount of SYSV semaphores. The other has a normal amount, when testing under the former database server things load up fine, clients can connect and all information is as it should.

When I test under the normal setup the machine tanks. No core dumps, no errors produced, just a near instant lock-up of the server itself and that is with a non-privileged user.

While I know this is a Perl issue, but figured I might be able to gain some insight on how a server could drop without at least generating a panic. Any ideas?

        Martin Foster
        Creator/Designer Ethereal Realms

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