Ok, problem solved.

A previous ALTER TABLE DROP COLUMN over this table was performed.
By some reason, truncate didn't work then. Would like to know why...it does not seems 
to be a very frequent problem, due to the fact I only found one chat on the mailing 
lists talking about this issue, and was hard to find :( !

A dump of the table schema, passed to the psql command 
(cat table_dump.sql | psql xxx) worked fine.

TRUNCATE is now available.



> Sorry for crossposting, didn't know where to post.
> Any hint/help on this?!
> db_postgres1=# truncate ref_v2_drs_valid_product ;
> ERROR:  expected both swapped tables to have TOAST tables
> I need to truncate this table, this is the first time I see this error.
> Regards,
> Guido
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