The query has been generated by business objects ... i'ill try to suggest to the 
developpers to remove this constant (if they can)...
The fields used by the sort are of type numeric(6,0) or (10,0) ...
Could it be better if the fields were integer or anything else ?

On Wednesday 08 September 2004 16:40, you wrote:
> Marc Cousin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > I'm having trouble with a (quite big) query, and can't find a way to make it 
> > faster.
> Seems like it might help if the thing could use a HashAggregate instead
> of sort/group.  Numeric is not hashable, so having those TO_NUMBER
> constants in GROUP BY destroys this option instantly ... but why in the
> world are you grouping by constants anyway?  You didn't say what the
> datatypes of the other columns were...
>    regards, tom lane

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