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> From: "Mischa Sandberg" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> > If your company is currently happy with MySQL, there probably are
> > other (nontechnical) reasons to stick with it. I'm impressed that
> > you'd consider reconsidering PG.
> I'd like to second Mischa on that issue.

Though both of you are right from my point of view, I don't think
it's very useful to discuss this item here.

Having once migrated a MySQL-DB to PG I can confirm, that in fact
chances are good you will be unhappy if you adopt the MySQL
data-model and the SQL 1:1.
As well as PG has to be much more configured and optimized than
As well as the client-application is supposed to be modified to a
certain extend, particularly if you want to take over some -or some
more- business-logic from client to database.

But, from what Mark stated so far I'm sure he is not going to migrate
his app just for fun, resp. without having considered this.

> NEVER reimplement an existing system unless the project includes
> substantial functional imporovement.

or monetary issues
I know one big database that was migrated from Oracle to PG and
another from SQLServer to PG because of licence-costs. Definitely
there are some more.
That applies to MySQL, too; licence policy is somewhat obscure to me,
but under certain circumstances you have to pay

regards Harald

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