Hi Mischa,

You probably need to determine whether the bottleneck is cpu or disk (should be
easy enough!)

Having said that, assuming your application is insert/update intensive I would

- mount the ufs filesystems Pg uses *without* logging
- use postgresql.conf setting fsync_method=fdatasync

These changes made my Pgbench results improve by a factor or 4 (enough to catch
the big O maybe...)

Then you will need to have a look at your other postgresql.conf parameters!
(posting this file to the list might be a plan)



Quoting Mischa Sandberg <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> Our product (Sophos PureMessage) runs on a Postgres database.
> Some of our Solaris customers have Oracle licenses, and they've
> commented on the performance difference between Oracle and Postgresql
> on such boxes. In-house, we've noticed the 2:1 (sometimes 5:1)
> performance difference in inserting rows (mostly 2-4K), between
> Postgresql on Solaris 8 and on Linux, for machines with comparable
> CPU's and RAM.

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