I believe 1/0 or 1+0 is aka RAID-10. CX300 doesn't support 0+1.
So far i am aware of two things, the cache page size is 8KB (can be increased or 
decreased), and the stripe element size of 128 sectors default.

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        I expect you mean RAID 1/0 or 1+0 since the CX300 didn't support RAID 10 last 
time I looked. 

        Whether you are using a SAN or not, you should consider putting the WAL files 
(pg_xlog folder) on 
        seperate diskes from the DB. Since the log files are mostly written to, not 
read from you could 
        just use RAID 1. 

        It's a pity pg doesn't have a way to use a cluster of servers to get the most 
out of your 
        expensive SAN. 

        I read a comment earlier about setting block sizes to 8k to math pg's block 
size. Seems to make 
        sense, you should check it out. 

        Have fun, 
        Mr Pink 

        --- Anjan Dave <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: 

        > Hello, 
        > I'll be moving a DB from internal RAID-10 SCSI storage to an EMC CX300 
        > FC RAID-10 LUN, bound to the host. I've setup a test host machine and a 
        > test LUN. The /var/lib/pgsql/data folder is sym-linked to a partition on 
        > the LUN. 
        > Other than the shared_buffers, effective cache size, and sort memory, I 
        > am not sure if I need to change any other parameters in the 
        > postgresql.conf file for getting maximum performance from the EMC box. 
        > Is there a general guideline for setting up postgres database and the 
        > tunable parameters on a SAN, especially for EMC? 
        > Appreciate any help, 
        > Thanks, 
        > Anjan 

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