We have been running PostgreSQL 7.3.4 on 64 bit MAC OS X G5 dual processors with 8GB of RAM for a while.
Lately, we realized that consistently only about 4GB of RAM is used even when CPUs have maxed out
for postgtres processes and pageouts starts to happen. Here is a portion of the output from TOP:

MemRegions: num = 3761, resident = 41.5M + 7.61M private, 376M shared
PhysMem: 322M wired, 1.83G active, 1.41G inactive, 3.56G used, 4.44G free
VM: 14.0G + 69.9M 277034(0) pageins, 1461(0) pageouts

Is it because PostgreSQL 7.3.4 can't take advantage of the 64 bit hardware or is it something else?

Thanks a lot!


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