> In the MySQL manual it says that MySQL performs best with Linux 2.4 with
> ReiserFS on x86. Can anyone official, or in the know, give similar
> information regarding PostgreSQL?

PostgreSQL runs on a lot more platforms than MySQL; it's not even reasonable 
to compare some of them, like rtLinux, AIX or Cygwin.   The only reasonable 
comparative testing that's been done seems to indicate that:
Linux 2.6 is more efficient than FreeBSD which is more efficient than Linux 
2.4 all of which are significantly more efficient than Solaris, and
ReiserFS, XFS and JFS *seem* to outperform other Linux journalling FSes.

However, as others have said, configuration and hardware will probably make 
more difference than your choice of OS except in extreme cases.   And all of 
the above is being further tested, particularly the filesystems.


Josh Berkus
Aglio Database Solutions
San Francisco

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