[EMAIL PROTECTED] (Matt Clark) writes:
>>As for "vendor support" for Opteron, that sure looks like a
>>trainwreck...  If you're going through IBM, then they won't want to
>>respond to any issues if you're not running a "bog-standard" RHAS/RHES
>>release from Red Hat.  And that, on Opteron, is preposterous, because
>>there's plenty of the bits of Opteron support that only ever got put
>>in Linux 2.6, whilst RHAT is still back in the 2.4 days.
> To be fair, they have backported a boatload of 2.6 features to their kernel:
> http://www.redhat.com/software/rhel/kernel26/
> And that page certainly isn't an exhaustive list...

To be fair, we keep on actually running into things that _can't_ be
backported, like fibrechannel drivers that were written to take
advantage of changes in the SCSI support in 2.6.

This sort of thing will be particularly problematic with Opteron,
where the porting efforts for AMD64 have taken place alongside the
creation of 2.6.
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