>We are experiencing slow performance on 8 Beta 2 Dev3 on Win32 and are
>trying to determine why. Any info is appreciated.
>We have a Web Server and a DB server both running Win2KServer with all
>service packs and critical updates.
>An ASP page on the Web Server hits the DB Server with a simple 
>query that
>returns 205 rows and makes the ASP page delivered to the user 
>about 350K.
>On an ethernet lan a client pc perceives just under 1 sec 
>performance with
>the following DB Server configuration:
>    PIII 550Mhz
>    256MB RAM
>    7200 RPM HD
>    cygwin
>    Postgresql 7.1.3
>    PGODBC 7.3.2
>We set up another DB Server with 8 beta (same Web Server, same 
>network, same
>client pc) and now the client pc perceives response of just 
>over 3 sec with
>the following DB server config:
>    PIII 700 Mhz
>    448MB RAM
>    7200 RPM HD
>    8 Beta 2 Dev3 on Win32  running as a service
>Is the speed decrease because it's a beta?
>Is the speed decrease because it's running on Win instead of cygwin?
>We did not install cygwin on the new DB Server.

IIRC, previous versions of postgresql (< 8.0) did not correctly sync
disks when running on Cygwin. I'm not 100% sure, can someone confirm?
8.0 does, and I beleive it does both under native win32 and cygwin.

It's been my experience that the native version is slightly faster than
the cygwin one, but I've only compared 8.0 to 8.0.


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