Hi Igor,
I expect that when you moved your tables to different schemas that you effectively did a physical re-organization (ie unload/reload of the tables). It's nothing to do with the use of schemas as such. If you had reloaded your tables into the same system schema you would have experienced the same speedup as the data tables would be more compact.
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Sent: Friday, October 15, 2004 3:38 AM
Subject: [PERFORM] Performance vs Schemas

Hi all,
I recently migrated my database from schema 'public' to multiple schema.
I have around 100 tables, and divided them in 14 different schemas, and then adapted my application to use schemas as well.
I could percept that the query / insert / update times get pretty much faster then when I was using the old unique schema, and I'd just like to confirm with you if using schemas speed up the things. Is that true ?
What else I can do to speed up the query processing, best pratices, recommendations ... ? What about indexed views, does postgresql supports it?

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