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> My basic question to the community is "is PostgreSQL approximately as fast
> as Oracle?"

My personal experience comparing PG to Oracle is across platforms,
Oracle on Sun/Solaris (2.7, quad-proc R440) and PG on Intel/Linux (2.6
kernel, dual P3/1GHz).  When both were tuned for the specific app I
saw a 45% speedup after switching to PG.  This was with a customized
CRM and System Monitoring application serving ~40,000 trouble tickets
and monitoring 5,000 metric datapoints every 5-30 minutes.

The hardware was definitely not comparable (the Intel boxes have more
horsepower and faster disks), but dollar for dollar, including support
costs, PG is the winner by a BIG margin.  YMMV, of course, and my
results are apparently above average.

Another big plus I found was that PG is much easier to admin as long
as you turn on pg_autovacuum.


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