Sometimes when you click on a link on my site to access my postgres database it takes forever for it to connect. You can click this link and see how long it takes.

It doesn't do it all the time. Sometimes its really fast. I can't figure out what is wrong. If I go on the server where the database is I can connect and run queries with no problem. I can also access the database from Access and run queries with no problems. It is only a problem when you come from the web. Tomcat and apache are both working. You can see this by going here

I am using
psql (PostgreSQL) 7.2.1
tomcat 4.0.1
Redhat linux 6.2

Does anyone know what I can check to see what is causing this. It seemed to have happened all of sudden one day. I don't know what could have changed to cause this. I have rebooted the server and it still happens. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Also I need to add that I never get an error message. It just sits there for quite some time. Eventually it will work.

Scott Dunn
The Software House, Inc.

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