The context of the discussion was a hack to speed queries against static
tables, so MVCC is not relevent.  As soon as any work unit against a
referenced table commits, the cache is invalid, and in fact the table
shouldn't be a candidate for this caching for a while. In fact, this cache
would reduce some the MVCC 'select count(*) from us_states' type of horrors.

(The attraction of a server side cache is obviously that it could *with no
server or app changes* dramatically improve performance. A materialized view
is a specialized denormalization-ish mechanism to optimize a category of
queries and requires the DBA to sweat the details. It is very hard to cache
things stochastically without writing a server. Trigger managed extracts
won't help you execute 1,000 programs issuing the  query  "select sec_level
from sec where division=23" each second or a big table loaded monthly.)

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> [ discussion of server side result caching ]
> and lets not forget PG's major fork it will throw into things:  MVCC
> The results of query A may hold true for txn 1, but not txn 2 and so on
> .
> That would have to be taken into account as well and would greatly
> complicate things.
> It is always possible to do a "poor man"'s query cache with triggers..
> which would just leave you with basically a materialized view.
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