First off, thanks for posting this solution!  I love to see a new demo of The 
Power of Postgres(tm) and have been wondering about this particular problem 
since it came up on IRC.

> The array method works quite nicely, especially for the
> columns like "languages" and "seeking" that are multiple choice. However,
> even though this method is fast, I still might opt for caching the results
> because the "real world" search query involves a lot more and will be
> executed non-stop. But to have it run this fast the first time certainly
> helps.

Now, for the bad news:  you need to test having a large load of users updating 
their data.   The drawback to GiST indexes is that they are low-concurrency, 
because the updating process needs to lock the whole index (this has been on 
our TODO list for about a decade, but it's a hard problem).   

Josh Berkus
Aglio Database Solutions
San Francisco

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